The outputs to be produced by the end of this project are: 

IO1: Speak English- MOOC

Considering the fact that MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Education and Teaching on mathematics and statistics, engineering and social sciences (incl. language) MOOCs all make up only 5% of all available MOOCs, the purpose of this output is to develop a 6-week Language MOOC Content for adult learners with a special emphasis on developing speaking skills.

The content of Speak English-MOOC is  innovative for those interested in learning English and improve their speaking skills as there are only very few language MOOCs available and they are mostly not towards improving practical speaking skills. Among all four skills in language, that is reading, writing, listening and speaking, speaking is considered by far the most difficult. Therefore, Speak English-MOOC is innovative as it shall offer practical suggestions on the topics that the target group defines most necessary for them while speaking.

IO2: Speak English- OER HUB

IO2 is the Speak English-OER HUB with the purpose to host all the developed content for the target groups as Open Education Resource. It will ensure the sustainability of the project and the content produced. This output is innovative and user-friendly in terms of offering the platform navigation in all partner countries’ languages (i.e. Turkish-Spanish-English-German).

Learning a foreign language is a lifelong learning experience. The “Speak English OER HUB wants to facilitate this learning process by offering support through technology, which has become an indispensable part of our lives. Moving from a traditional approach to a technological one will help to facilitate the learning process.